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Trendy Plus Size Clothes On Sale 2019

In the world of trendy clothes for curvy shapes, options have gotten good. From on-trend silhouettes to playful colors and prints and modern basics that feel super fresh, the opportunity for cute and flattering outfits seems endless. And right now while we’re still in the thick of Summer but starting to prep our wardrobes for Fall, nothing beats on-sale pieces for curvy shapes that span both seasons. And wouldn’t you know that our very own POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s currently has a ton of stylish, trendy, and classic-with-a-twist pieces on sale between $14 and $51. You might call this a fashion blessing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s the end of the season, should I really be shopping? The answer is “yes!” because A) these marked-down pieces are ultraversatile and you will get so much wear out of them, and B) the deals are so sweet. How sweet you wonder? We’re talking $14 pants you can wear with any style of top; cozy knits between $14 and $16 that you can wear repeatedly throughout Fall and Winter; under-$50 dresses that you can wear while it’s still warm but easily transition into cooler weather with layers; need I say more? These items pretty much sell themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a few trendy pieces to create a fresh outfit formula, a flattering dress or two, or a range of Summer staples to get you through the end of the season, ahead, shop 58 stylish and on-sale pieces for curvy shapes.

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